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Hello my pretties!

I know, I know, I'm not very active here except for submitting stuff. To be honest, I'm using DeviantArt more like a gallery/porfolio blog than anything, so if you're okay with that, good.
If you'd rather see me rambling or would like to have some more feedback with me, then I recommend you go follow me on twitter (@Blueberryme88), if you don't mind me speaking in Spanish sometimes, or tumblr. The art blog is

Now to the main reason I started writing this journal!

I have a brand new Facebook page as an artist to submit some of my art and, you know, have a way to be contacted through that website. For better or worse, if you're not in these social networks it's like you don't exist :/
So, to celebrate the new page I decided tu put an art giveaway together! You only gotta go here: [link] ( and then follow the steps here to have a chance to win a cool prize ;)
Don't miss the chance, you could win and get an illustration like this one:

Aloth and watcher for giveaway sample. by Blueberry-me

That's all for now, my pretties :) Be kind to eachother out there <3 See you around!
  • Listening to: Some Let's Play.
  • Reading: Beauty and the Beast (original novel).
  • Watching: The Let's Play mentioned before.
  • Playing: Pillars of Eternity.
  • Eating: Lacasitos.
  • Drinking: Water.
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